Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I got a little off track yesterday.  I didn't get my stitch markers done.  :(  I ended up making a mosaic lawn tile with my 2 year old niece.  (seen here)  This is the aftermath of her 2nd birthday!  Chocolate cake war paint.  I think this is still my favorite pic from that party.

Anywho, Gabby and I spent an exciting day making this awesome mosaic garden stone and making hand print bats and at the flea market.  Did I ever tell you how much I love the flea market.  I go sometimes twice a week just to walk around and check everything out.  Well yesterday was my lucky day.  I have owls in my kitchen.  I collect them I love them they are amazing and fun.  Well as I was walking through the flea market this old glass bank catches my eye.  It was an owl and it was a buck!  I thought wow what a great find.  So I kept walking around and then stumbled upon this gold mine!!!! $ 10 bucks for two boxes of assorted owls!  (and a ceramic shoe)   A quick cleaning and then these vintage beauties will soon be gracing my shelves!!  My hubby thinks I'm strange that most of our rooms have themes.  We have owls in the kitchen, circus freaks in the bathroom and Halloween in the upstairs bathroom all year round.  A friend of mine said she once went to the bathroom in a house that had clocks from floor to ceiling.  She said it was so freaky because they were everywhere, all sizes and all different times.  ha ha

So that includes my day yesterday but it wouldn't be complete without a picture of Gabby's garden stone.  I think she did great for being two.: )  Enjoy your Wednesday ladies and gents I am off to get some work done!


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