Monday, September 27, 2010

Brrrrr and New Stuff

The namesake of this little corner of the Earth woke me this morning in terrorist fashion.  Jumping on the bed and screaming like toddlers.  These are our fuzzy girls my Halloween kitties Jasper and Luci our living Jack o Lantern.   See what I mean she has faces in her fur.  We had no idea when we got her that she would be such a special kitty.  : )

It got down right cold here this weekend.  I really did not want to leave the comfort of my  warm bed this morning, but at least I have my cup of coffee.  : )  Some things I have been working on are now complete and others still need drying time.  Oh did I mention I knit also?  Well.... I do.  So some new things going up today are Lady Luna and the friendly bat.  This is a steal at $20.00  and so cute.  As always it comes packaged safely and signed, numbered, and dated by moi.  : )  Aren't they cute?  They stand 8" tall by 6" wide and will definately bring a smile to your face everytime you walk by.  If you are interested just send me an email or watch later in the week when I put more items up on Etsy.

Now back to my knitting comment.  I have been knitting at night when I watch telly with my hubs.  Some of the items I have made are coffee cozies, and hats.  Here are pics of them all.  All hats and the coffee cozy are available on my Etsy.  So here they are.  So go check them out and get yours ordered before the cold really sets in. 


  1. These are adorable. I especially love the coffee cozy. I never saw one before, what a clever idea.

  2. Thanks so much I really got tired of burning my hands on those cheap paper coffee cups. Problem solved and it's just much prettier.