Saturday, October 23, 2010

wow! been a while

well as I sit here enjoying my glass of Chardonnay I realized I have not been on here for a while.  Believe me there are good reasons.    Halloween is such a big holiday in our house and we have been busy getting ready for our annual Halloween party.  Trying to get my adorable hubby to find a costume that is "just right"  was  a trick that we have finally accomplished.  YAY!  My costume is still laying in pieces waiting patiently to be assembled.  I am going as Marie Antionette after the beheading!  So daily I have sought out the perfect dress for the ensemble and finally caved and realized I just have to sew one.     Staring at the pieces today made me realize this is going to be one amazing costume!  Or was it when I was standing in my living room with my top half wrapped in duct tape?  Nothing kinky here I was making a torso for my headless costume!    So to all my friends out here in blog land that is what I have been working so hard on lately!  I hope to have more stuff up soon for you to enjoy! 

Happy Haunting!


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