Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Meet Pierce

Pierce used to be such a sweet baby pumpkin.  Well all that has changed!  He no longer even calls himself a pumpkin.  He now uses the term "PUNKIN".  It all started the first time he hear Marilyn Manson being blared from the speakers of a passing car.  Soon he was wearing guy liner, black lipstick, and wearing one white contact.  Then came the nose piercing and the eyebrow... then he cut his stem into a Mohawk!  Oh Pierce what ever will we do with you?  Oh but I didn't tell you the worst thing he's done.  He came home the other day after some early Halloween shenanigans with a tattoo.  That's right a TATTOO!  on his backside! 

What are we to do with such a rebel punkin?  I know I will offer him up for adoption in the hopes that he will find a family he can relate to.  Thanks for checking out Pierce he was listed on Etsy this morning.


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