Friday, October 1, 2010

My WIP Bust and a new pumpkin

Been super busy lately it seems.   I never feel like I have enough time in the day.    Here is my new WIP and she is going to be a beauty when she's done.  I can't wait.  She was one of my many head I posted a week ago or so.   She is drying more now but I am in love already!    Mr.  Bonejangles has arms and hands and is getting his sand on today and then look out paint here he come.  I am really excited about this guy.  He has been a brain racker since inception on notebook paper with crayon. 

Also got a new little pumpkin done.  He was ever so patient and after he is sealed he will be ready to go to a new home when someone adopts him.

Till then I leave you with pics and a Have A GREAT Friday!


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